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Xingú-Expedition 1887 (CC NC-BY-SA)
Xingú-Expedition 1887 (CC NC-BY-SA)

The image archive of the Ibero-American Institute (IAI) contains more than 117,160 images, including 61,480 photographs, 43,800 slides, 8,300 photographic glass plates, 1,100 film negatives and 2,400 postcards. The majority of the images were taken in the early years of imagetechnology and are an integral part of the IAI's papers andmanuscripts. The material mainly focuses on Spain, Portugal and Latin America, in particular Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Peru. The collection dates from 1860 to 2010.

The collection features shots by famous photographers, such as Emilio Biel (Portugal), Hugo Brehme (Mexico), Martín Chambi (Peru), Marc Ferrez (Brazil), Guillermo Kahlo (Mexico), Jean Laurent (Spain), Teobert Maler (Mexico), Perry Kretz (Nicaragua), C.B. Waite (Mexico) and Max T. Vargas (Peru).

For more information on the image archive, please click on the list in the left-hand column. It is also possible to search the library by keyword.

As part of an indexing project funded by the Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media, the IAI was able to catalog its 8,300 photographic glass plates and 1,100 film negatives and digitize a large part of this material in 2013. The digital copies are available in the online catalog and the Digital Collections.

Exhibition: Gläsernes Bildgedächtnis Lateinamerikas

Terms of use

All materials in the image archive are generally non-circulating and can only be viewed in the reading room of the Ibero-American Institute (IAI). To view the collections, please complete the application form.

Please submit a written request if you wish to make copies of materials for research purposes. Copies are subject to a charge and the IAI must hold the copyright to these materials.


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