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Arlt, Roberto (1900-1942)

Roberto Arlt was an Argentinian writer, journalist and dramatist. Among other topics, his writings examined the lives of European immigrants in Buenos Aires at the start of the 20th century. Arlt was a member of the literary group Boedo, viewed as part of the Argentinian avant-garde and one of two key groups of Argentinian writers in the 1920s. Unlike the literary group Florida, Boedo was considered a left-wing and socio-critical association. Arlt’s key works include “Aguasfuertes porteñas” (collection of articles, 1933) and “El juguete rabioso” (novel, 1926). Arlt is viewed as the father of Argentinian urban literature.


  • 14 manuscripts
  • offprints of his publications
  • 76 newspaper articles
  • 16 letters
  • 3 official documents
  • approx. 350 newspaper and journal articles about Arlt
  • 2 videos
  • theater programs
  • 184 books
  • 180 photographs
  • other materials

Keywords: Argentina, literary studies

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