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Ehrenreich, Paul (1855-1914)

Paul Ehrenreich studied medicine and natural sciences in Berlin, Heidelberg and Würzburg. He worked as an ethnologist and physical anthropologist in North and South America, Mexico, India and Eastern Asia. From 1884 to 1885, he researched the indigenous tribes of central and eastern Brazil. From 1887 to 1888, he accompanied Karl von den Steinen on the second German Xingu expedition. He subsequently travelled to the Río Araguaia region in 1888 and the Río Purus region in 1889. From 1892 to 1893 he spent time in India and Eastern Asia and visited North America and Mexico in 1898 and 1906. His research focused on comparative mythology and ethnolinguistics.


  • 27 cases
  • 5 folders
  • 4 photo albums
  • Provenance: Walter Lehmann incorporated some of Ehrenreich’s papers into his own archive. As a result, they are part of the Lehmann Papers today.

Keywords: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, North America, anthropology, ethnolinguistics, ethnology, history of photography, mythology

Paul Ehrenreich in the Digital Collections IAI


Diary Rio Doce (1884-1885) / Transcription

Diary Rio Xingú (1887-1888) / Transcription

Diary Araguay (1888) / Transcription

Diary Araguay 2 (1888) / Transcription

Diary Rio Purus (1888-1889) / Transcription


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